Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

Growing up, I was always more of a wall flower than a dancer at parties. I spent many years in tap, jazz and ballet, yet when it came to large social dances, I remained a spectator. That's why I find it so fascinating that my most favorite nights at the store are the ones that turn in to impromptu dance parties.

This past Monday was no exception. Our friend Chris, of Circa 33, has been joining us every Monday to play records from our bins in our "Cuts from the Crates" night. It turned in to a late night dance party and we stayed open an extra hour. In the middle of our dance party, I said to Chris, that my most memorable night so far at the Hall is when we closed up about a month ago and Justin, Chris and I had a dance party all to ourselves. It was ridiculously fun.

And Justin and I have been known to do some slow dancing behind the bar as well. One time, two customers sitting at the bar commented that they'd definitely be back and the clincher was watching us dance together. In fact, my favorite picture of us at the store was taken by a customer as Justin and I danced.

In two Saturdays (April 2nd) we will be hosting our first official Circa 33/Hall of Records sponsored party. Slimkid3 from the Pharcyde will be DJing and we're expecting a big dance party!! His music will be playing in both venues (but you have to come to HOR to see him in person!).

We love our neighbors and can't wait to make more dancing memories!

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