Friday, March 4, 2011

So Involved

Every day we feel more and more a part of our community and neighborhood. We recently joined the Belmont Business Association board and have been super busy with meetings and planning. I am the BBA rep for the Belmont Street fair so I am in the process of working with and getting to know a lot of the Neighborhood Association people.

I'm getting emails daily asking for my opinion on things. The latest is the possible extension of the bike parking in front of Stumptown. It would mean adding like 15 new bike corrals and pushing the loading zone down in front of our store. We're all for it!

We've been spending a lot of time hanging out/getting to know our neighbors, too. The Blue Monk has added a new owner/partner who is super cool. And we've decided to start calling Chris, the chef from Circa, the Midnight Mayor of Belmont. He's all over the block mingling and helping out other businesses. If the owner of Hoda's is the mayor of Belmont, then Chris is definitely the mayor come night fall.

Alli, from the former Little Red Bike Cafe, came in the other night and it was fun to see her. One of our employees, Nate, used to work for her so it was nice to see them have a little reunion! We just went to Alli's husband's food cart Lucy's Original and had the best burger we've had in years. Definitely go get one (or five)!!

Just Out magazine just did a feature on the Record Room in North Portland. I ran in to them after a Blazer's Game a few weeks ago and we had a really fun reunion. They mentioned us in the article and said "we're the nicest people ever!" How cool.

It feels good to be loved and involved.

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