Thursday, March 17, 2011


We have soooo much going on!

Justin starts training at KMHD Jazz Radio today. He's been hired to host Roots and Grooves on Thursdays from 2PM - 6PM. We are so excited for him!!

I'm the Belmont Business Association rep for the Belmont Street Fair - so I have meetings once a week to plan the fair. It's super fun, but a little overwhelming! The fair is going to be Saturday, September 10th.

We have lots of fun stuff coming up at the store. Today is St. Patrick's Day!!

DJ Tiger Stripes is DJing and we have $3 Guinness 14 oz cans.

Friday is Open Tables, Saturday is Green Mango's Jamaican Night with Live Horns, Sunday is all day Happy Hour and then Monday we're hosting a Social Media Event for 1/2 Price Sandwich Night!

We're making a few modifications at the store, involving some new furniture as we prep for a liquor license! We need 30 seats to have full liquor and so we need to make some adjustments. This means early mornings of sanding, staining and sealing new tables and a counter!

And on top of all this, Justin and I are planning a wedding! We're about 4 months out - so things are getting intense! Luckily we enjoy being busy :)

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