Thursday, March 31, 2011

Locals Only

Turns out, I'm a sucker for a brewer who hits the pavement and goes door to door trying to sell his beer. We've had a "local only" policy for our taps sine we've opened and it's turned out to be such a blessing! Not only do we get to support local brewers, but the beer is GOOD!

They have also been known to save us a time or two. Being somewhat new to the beer-ordering business, I have often assumed a brewery would have beer in stock when sometimes they don't. But the small, local brewers always come in to save us! Yesterday, it was Migration Brewing. One of the owners, Eric, totally helped us out when we were about to be short a tap.

We are proud to support our local brewers! Some of our favs are:

And this month, we're trying out a new brewer (to us) called Seven Brides.

One of the owners of Seven Brides came in to our store last week, trying to sell his product. I was immediately in love with the story of his brewery, where three friends with seven daughters between them, started the brewery to help pay for their seven upcoming weddings. How cute! (I said I was a sucker)

We are getting ready to tap their Oatmeal Ellie - which is a light Oatmeal Stout - perfect for the warmer weather! And despite the fact that they are outside of Salem (instead of Portland), we still love to support Oregon Brewers!!


  1. Why don't you carry ninkasi

  2. We'd love to and we will some day! They just go through a distributor that has a very limited selection of local brewers.

  3. But PS.

    We are in the market for another two keg beer cooler. If we can find one at a reasonable price we can add more beers to our menu!