Monday, April 25, 2011

Events this week!

As always, Monday is 1/2 Price Sandwich Night! We're getting ready to switch over to our spring/summer menu (which includes bringing back some fan favorites like the California King). The new menu should be ready to go by next week - but for this week it's the last few days we'll have our stews on the menu.

Tuesday is Pint Nite! $3 Drafts from 7PM - Close
and El Rubio is hosting a Latin Love night!

We are now doing Quizzy Trivia on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30PM. After that is DJ Roane spinning hip hop and break beats!

Thursday is JAZZ night with KMHD's Lord Smithingham @8PM.

Also, don't miss Justin's Jazz Radio show on from 2PM - 6PM on Thursdays!

Friday is Open Tables and Saturday is Funk and Soul with DJ MR JEIGH

And we're proud to announce that we're adding a second night of Open Tables on Sundays. Friday night Open Tables has become such a hit that we're adding another night. So from 6PM - 11PM on Sundays the tables are open!!

Have a great week and stop by if you can!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Record Store Day '11!!

Justin and I will be at the store all day for Record Store Day! Free Beer for any record purchase over $10.

Then we are hosting a 45 swap night! Bring your 45s to trade and play! @9PM

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sake Cocktails!

Tonight, we're getting our "liquor" feet wet with some sake cocktails. We have a few more weeks before the full liquor license comes through, but we're getting started early with some legal cocktails made with sake. Sake is rice wine that mixes very nicely to make some sweet drinks!

This gives us a really great test run for when we do get liquor. We had to figure out our set up behind the bar as well as give some of the guys practice mixing drinks because some never have before.

We're starting with just three and then it'll grow from there:

Sake Mojitos
Blackberry Mojitos
Peach Fuzz Cocktails

I had a few more planned but we had a test run yesterday at the bar with some awesome patrons and we decided to nix some of them. So this will be a good start.

We have like 8 birthdays being celebrated at the Hall tonight so it should be a great night - not to mention messy!! (Lesson #1 from last night - cocktails make being behind the bar much messier).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Night Owl - This Saturday!

This Night Owl Record Show is this Saturday!

We'll be selling records at it, as usual. And then we're hosting the Official After Party at the Hall!

Check out the event page: