Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Signage!

The first six months of us being in business, we've tried to let business dictate what we were to become. It became apparent within the first month that the daytime/cafe wasn't for us. As much as we wanted it, the reality is that customers dictate what a business is to become. And our customers saw a bar!

The only problem was that we were a beer and wine bar and people want their liquor! So as good business owners, we want to give our customers what they want! So the liquor license application process is on its way. The truth is we can't afford not to. We lose too many people because we don't have it.

So now we're fully embracing what we have become: a vinyl shop and bar. We just had new signage made to reflect this. Up until this point, our sign has only said our name - which has been confusing to some as they don't get what we are. So we need to let everyone know that we are a vinyl shop and bar!

A joint collaboration from our friend Theron and Derek from Tibetan Fox, the new signage rocks! And we got to keep the photo of the person holding up the record (who just happens to really be Justin's Aunt - who is a photographer and took the picture).

So our new signage looks like this!

But when it's on our windows it will be transparent and look like this:

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