Sunday, March 27, 2011

Constant State of Improvement

I think I may have finally gotten the furniture arrangement to a good place!

We wanted to re-arrange the front couch area because where it was before, the people on the couch would be staring directly at the people outside sitting at the picnic tables (when we bring them back out). In our new arrangement, we have made it dual purpose (!) by adding counter seating. One can face in to the counter or turn around and be part of the larger group. I think I am finally happy with it!

We've also added a third high top table. Not only does it make more seating, but the OLCC says we need at least 30 seats in order to have liquor. So adding the table makes exactly 31! Adding the table caused us to have to remove the two large club chairs. But I found a really comfortable replacement! So we still have soft seating - and even better, we have an area for three now instead of just two. People have even been bringing up other chairs to make the area much larger if need be.

One again, we got our coffee table from White Rabbit Vintage!

I love our place! It's so cozy!

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