Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Great Heat Wave of 2009

I wonder if people in Portland will look back on this week and remember what they did during the great heat wave. We've been alternating between beers and wash cloths, just trying to stay sane. And today is going to be worse; 108 degrees. All this in a city that doesn't believe in air conditioners. Despite the heat, we've managed to still have a lot of fun.

This past weekend when my parents were in town we went to the Oregon Brewer's Festival at Waterfront Park. My Dad had been looking forward to it for months and it was even in the 1000 Places to See Before You Die book. There were thousands of people there and it got a bit nuts at times. But it gave us a perfect opportunity to look for beers for our beer menu.

We want to have a menu that is diverse, local and seasonal with a flair of organic. We also really like interesting fruit beers. Some of our favorites were:

Stumptown Tart (Bridgeport Ale House - Portland, OR) Marionberry Beer!
Organic Chocolate Stout (Bison Brewing - Berkeley, CA)
Cream Ale (Fearless Brewing - Estacada, OR)
Raspberry Wheat (Vertigo Brewing - Hillsboro, OR)
The Great White (Lost Cost Brewery - Eureka, CA)
Organic Acai Berry (Eel River Brewery - Fortuna, CA)

We'll also have some Ambers, Lagers, Pale Ales and Hefeweizen.

MMMMMMMM.... Can't wait for some of these beers to be flowing from our taps!!

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  1. Mike & Mike from Vertigo Brewing are a great bunch of guys and so is the Razz Wheat! Hope to see it on your taps!