Friday, July 24, 2009


In an attempt to work on the things that we can, we've been doing a lot of menu planning lately.

Way back when we first started doing research I stumbled upon a great site called BNET. Some of the articles you have to pay for but at the time there were all these amazing free articles about the state of the restaurant business. I started to notice a specific magazines called Cheers that was especially insightful. I subscribed to the magazine and now get it sent to our house.

I have steadily grown more and more impressed with this publication. This particular issue has amazing insights in to how to craft your beer menu, how small plates are ruling the industry and how to give the "millenials" what they want.

As I was reading it I kept thinking of all the people I've been helping lately and how each one could benefit from this magazine. I would strongly recommend it to anyone in the restaurant business, whether you're already open or just doing research.

And on a somewhat related note, I have now had a hand in starting three separate bar/restaurants here in Portland. Woo Hoo!!

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