Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newsletter & Portables

The days counting down to our parties are always so exciting! I ordered a new portable record player so people could listen to records at our parties and we didn't expect it to come until next week, but it came today!!

Sometimes guys will bring their own but I figure if we get in the habit of always having one then they won't have to worry about it. Plus it's going to be a major feature once our store is open, so it's never too early to start!

We've also been hitting the pavement to come up with a logo, website and email newsletter. Thanks to my new friend, Nedra, I woke up this morning, checked my morning blog roll and discovered she had written a blog about a product that was exactly what I needed; a newsletter template.

So guess what?!? Now we have a NEWSLETTER SIGNUP PAGE!!

Until we get an actual website up, we'll just use our MYSPACE. But at least we have something!

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