Monday, July 6, 2009


The greatest things always seem to happen to us in July.

Two years ago Justin and I met on the 4th of July, at a party in California. One year ago we moved from California to Portland. This year we have multiple businesses ramping up and couldn't be happier.

Thinking about it in these terms makes me really excited to see what this month will bring!

We're growing our business and now have almost 80 people on the email list since I started keeping track. I've been inspired to start learning about things like marketing and branding. We're coming up with ways for people to be involved and grow with us. We're also thinking about logos and websites and all this stuff that wasn't part of the initial business planning.

The business planning business is going really well, too. I have a client who wants me to do the plan with her, so I have this whole new opportunity to learn through teaching. We're meeting people every day that are enhancing our lives in some way. It's a very exciting time.

And with all this energy that's been building up, I'm excited to see what else July will bring!

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