Saturday, July 31, 2010


We met with a few different coffee roasters over the past few months as we were trying to hone in on our vendors. By far the coolest and most genuine was Joel from Courier Coffee Roasters. Joel roasts out of a place on Hawthorne and 41st and delivers all of his coffee by bike.

He's grown a lot over the past few years and has his coffee served at a lot of places in Portland including Toast, Dovetail Bakery, Foster Burger and the former Little Red Bike Cafe. Him and his team recently took over the Half & Half Spot on SW Oak near Powell's Books. They're getting ready to open their own Courrier Coffee Cafe very soon (maybe even this week).

We're happy to be serving their coffee as well. We're not going the espresso route because we are three doors down from Stumptown and quite honestly, we don't really want to deal with competing with them. So for our customers, we have really good coffee from really good people. Good people go a long way with us.

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  1. I tried Courier coffee at Hash and fell in love with it. Good choice! Also, good to know they are opening up a place of their own.