Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sidewalk Permit - Check!

So it may be a bit premature, but we got our Sidewalk Cafe permit today! The OLCC said we had to get it before they'd give us our beer and wine license. And the City said we had to get insurance before they'd give us the sidewalk permit so we've been paying insurance for like a month now. I tried to get everything to time up together, but it's impossible, so we just have to roll with it.

Originally, I had wanted to put bistro tables that fold up out front. We only have enough room for two two-top tables because the sidewalk isn't that wide. But, to my surprise, all stores (even online!) don't sell patio furniture in the summer time - it's past their "season." So we had to brain storm alternative solutions.

We ended up staying local and hiring a guy named Frank to build some custom made, eco friendly picnic tables for us. He operates a table building business out of his shop at SE 46th & Hawthorne and has supplied a lot of local businesses with his tables. We're happy to be the next!

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