Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moving Forward

It's been a busy day and I've been getting calls all morning! We set up our on-site evaluation with the City's Sidewalk Cafe Permit Department for next week. They need to do a physical inspection of our sidewalk to make sure it's cool for us to have two tables out front. It shouldn't be a problem, seeing as how all our neighbors have cafe tables outside and Carl used to have some as well.

The OLCC wanted to make sure we got the cafe permit before they granted us our permanent beer and wine license. They said they'd give us a temporary one before knowing, but seeing as how we are still waiting on City Plumbing stuff we haven't been able to take advantage of that.

We set up a meeting with Grand Central Bakery as well. The last bakery we tried just didn't have exactly what we were looking for. We're just not willing to settle when it comes to the food and GC has a stellar reputation.

We also officially hired our last part time employee! Once again, we found the perfect combo of cook, server, barista and record lover in a Nate. We'd met him a few times in the past, as he was a fellow DJ at the Jade Lounge with Justin. But we got to know him better through the interview process and we're excited to have him on the team. Plus he's super excited to work with all of his loves; food, beer and most importantly, records!

Woo hoo for making progress!!!

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