Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soooooooo close!

We've gotten through most of our inspections! We have one more inspection then we bring in all the kitchen equipment (after some mudding, taping and painting). THEN the health department comes out to give us our final go ahead.

I'm hesitant to give an actual opening date because we all know that things can and do go wrong and things get pushed. But our plan is to have a soft opening (maybe opening on a Friday or Saturday). The first week we're open we'll probably just be open from 4PM on. We want to slowly ramp up, seeing as this is our first business and we want to iron out all the kinks.

A few weeks later, we'll have a larger Grand Opening. There are a lot of factors to considering when picking the weekend. The 28th would be good, but it may be too soon. The 4th is Labor Day weekend so that's probably out. And Sept 11th is the day before the Belmont St. Fair (Yay!!) but we may or may not want to have a big party the night before that. And then Sept 18th seems so far away. So we have some hard decisions to make!

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  1. Just tell us when, and we'll be there!!! Can't wait to see you guys in action. - Dom & Keri!