Monday, August 23, 2010

DJ Schedule this week!

Wow!! How quickly we moved from phase 1 of build out into full blown phase 2 of now owning and running a business. Today was our "day off" yet I was still running around all day doing stuff for the store. The beer cooler went down AGAIN so we had to get someone to come out to fix it. We did prep with Aunt Bettie and Tracey and then went all over creation for more "leasehold improvement" type stuff like building more shelves and an A frame sandwich board for out front. Turns out those things are really expensive, so I'm just going to build one myself :)

This week should be fun! We have DJs (one could even be YOU! on Friday) all week long:

TUESDAY AUGUST 24: DJ Nealie Neal and Tah Rei begin their biweekly residency at Hall of Records, bringing his killer arsenal of 45's and LP's.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25: DJ Sect (from Portland's Universal DJ Sect) stops by for a DJ set of some killer funk, soul, and hip-hop.

THURSDAY AUGUST 26: Lord Smithingham (resident DJ on 2nd and 4th Thursdays) will be in the house, spinning his delectable selection of jazz and soul, and making us antsy for his upcoming radio show on KMHD!

FRIDAY AUGUST 27: Friday will be our first night with Open Tables for fellow DJ's, customers or anyone that just wants to come spin some tunes! Signups begin at 7PM, with 30 minute sets alloted per DJ. Just bring some of your favorite records (regardless of genre) and we'll see you Friday!

SATURDAY AUGUST 28: DJ Sesqui, host of KBOO's Astral Traveling, will be spinning his awesome collection of world music and rare groove.

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