Friday, August 13, 2010

One more inspection!

We got temporary occupancy from the City today! It's temporary because we won't get final occupancy until the other half of our building is done. But at least we can open!!

Lately, a lot has been going on next door. Our landlord was originally going to open his own music venue/restaurant in the space but has now decided to lease out the space to someone else. Our new neighbors are the current owners of North 45 and Paddy's downtown. I've been hesitant about writing about them until now, but today they officially got the keys, so I think it's time. So far, they've been really cool. It's just a little weird because we've spent the past 6 months remodeling, thinking that we were going to be sharing bathrooms and space with our landlord. But our general attitude towards this process has definitely been "go with the flow."

It's getting really, really close!!!!! We have the health department inspection on Tuesday and if all goes well we're hoping to open on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. We'll keep you posted!!

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