Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ramping up the business plans

I'm trying really hard to keep up with this blog but when things move as slow as molasses, it takes a lot of effort to come up with subjects to talk about. I find myself veering away from the "creation of a record bar" and going towards the direction of our life in general. But I guess this is to be expected. I read a quote again last week that said "Things always take twice as much money as you think and take three times as long." Sounds about right.

We have our eye on a location. We really love it but it's not immediately available. It puts us in this weird limbo period where we're just kind of waiting to see if this location will pan out. But it's that good; it's worth the wait. And we wouldn't be sitting on it if we didn't think we had a legitimate chance of getting it.

So now that we have time on our hands and the sense of urgency to find a location is gone, I find that I know all this stuff about business and business planning but can't really exercise it on my own business. I've helped a few people here and there with their business plans in the past. But now I'm thinking I should ramp this up. I've got the time and the passion for starting a business.

I met with a new client this morning and I'm really looking forward to helping her. She's creating a dance studio up near Alberta. Since I've got like 5 business plans under my belt already, the whole process is coming more easily to me. I went to the bank the other day and talked to our small business banker, Miten, at US Bank. He said he has tons of people coming in looking for loans but don't even have a business plan. He'd love to help them but he just doesn't have time to get that detailed with them. He said he'll pass them on to me and I really hope that happens.

My goal is 5 new clients in July. That shouldn't be too hard considering it only takes me like 3 days to do one plan. I'm looking forward to the challenge. And I think Justin's just happy I have something to occupy my brain (and pay some bills). :)

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