Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

Upon visiting our house, you might notice that there is a chair deficit. It's not immediately apparent but the issue starts to creep up at dinner parties when we have to sit on milk crates.

Yesterday, I decided that if I was really going to give this business planning business a legitimate shot, then I needed a decent desk chair. I have been using the couch for all my computing while Justin uses the desk in the spare bedroom for work.

We went to two different GoodWill's last night and about four yard sales this morning looking for a chair. I only waned to spend like $15, but we couldn't find any on the cheap.

But then this afternoon I was sitting out in our "garden" in our one chair and was really wishing we had another one so Justin could join me. I decided to forget about the desk chair and just go to Fred Meyer and get Justin a camping chair. On the walk there Justin said that we could just get a desk chair and he would wheel it home. Apparently he hadn't been too scarred by the 13 block walk he made dragging our new BBQ home about a month ago.

I said don't worry about the desk chair, let's just go get the camping chair. But as we were leaving Fred Meyer with our $8.00 camping chair we stumbled upon an office chair sitting in front of a house with a FREE sign on it!!

Justin was so great, he wheeled it the whole way home. I can't even believe how good the Universe is sometimes. All you have to to is put things out there. Ask and you shall receive.

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