Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Friends

Last night was the Beat Battle at Holocene. About 15 guys are given one hour to come up with a beat made up of samples given to them only minutes earlier. Last night's theme was Kids Music and it made for some impressive compilations.

We met the MC of the night, Erik, at our first Hall of Records party and he has become a fixture at them ever since. He asked us to come sell records at the Beat Battle and we are so grateful that he did! We met some awesome people and one girl even said she had heard about us and our parties at the pizza place!! It made my night :)

We also ended up running into DJ Sesqui, who is a friend of a friend of ours from LA. Justin and him had known about each other but hadn't had a chance to link up yet, so it was a pretty cool coincidence! He and the DJ from last night, Nealie Neal, are throwing a party June 13th at the Fez Ballroom. It looks like it'll be a good time! And we're just thrilled that we met some really good people.

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