Sunday, October 17, 2010

We have a website!!

Woo Hoo!! We are finally ready to launch our website. We had been tweaking things so much that I wanted to wait until the dust settled before publishing the website. But now it's ready!

The website includes our menus and our events calendar. We'll probably be adding more pictures soon. Huge thanks to our friend Heather from Mile 73 for hooking us up with the website.

This weeks events include:

Monday - 1/2 Price Sandwich Night w/ DJ Eggbert spinning Upbeat Electronica

Tuesday - Pint Nite! w/ Tah Rei (Tah Rei is AMAZING. He spins a lot of World music while also playing the saxaphone and flute - people LOVE him)

Wednesday - Ohmega Watts In-Store DJ Performance 4PM - 7PM and then DJ AM Gold spinning Honkey Tonk, Western Swing and Jazz

Thursday - Moloko Plus' own Universal DJ Sect spinning Soul & Funk

Friday - Open Tables Night! and a pre-party for the Night Owl Record Show

Saturday - A Toast to the Boogie - with Mr. Jeah

Sunday - Hip Hop, Soul, Folk & World Music with the Seamstress of Sound - Happy Hour All Day & Night!


  1. i was there the other night and the dj was using serato. whats up with that, i thought you supported vinyl?

  2. Was it Friday, Open Tables night? I think I know what guy it was. He asked special permission. I'd say 95% of the time it's all vinyl, but some DJs ask to use both. And we definitely sell only vinyl!