Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Tap

Currently on tap we have:

Terminal Gravity IPA
Hopworks Organic Lager
Natian Honey Red
Oakshire Espresso Stout - Soon to be Laurelwood Treehugger Porter
Klamath Basin 8 Second Ale

I think we're going to get something from Upright Brewing sometime soon, too!

We also serve Courier Coffee.

For Dr. Will :)
I'll try to update as we change things up!! Thanks for the comment.


  1. Keep the Oakshire stout please!

  2. It's coming back soon! Laurelwood is temporarily out of the Porter so once we're through with our two kegs we're bringing back the Espresso Stout.

    That's the blessing and the curse of having rotating taps. We love to try new things but we hate to see the old things go!