Friday, September 24, 2010


Another great article!!!

Beer and beautiful music: Hall of Records offers many things you want to consume
The Oregonian
September 24, 2010

This week has been a whirlwind. Saturday was our Grand Opening and the beginning of the work week for Justin and I. Today (Friday) is our first day off. But it's never really a day off. I will spend my day running between banks, farmer's markets, grocery stores and possibly a beer distributor.

I have been averaging about one trip down to Swan Island to do a personal beer pick up because we've run out of something. It's so hard to predict what kind of volume we're going to do. But I swear one of these days I won't have to go down there myself - I WILL get the order right for delivery!

We did some re-arranging of furniture in the store on yesterday. My friend Brooke and her mom were in town from Arizona and they helped me feng shui the space a little better. It all started because we thought the record/listening station area was a little cramped. If someone was listening to a record they would be in the way of someone trying to browse. So we expanded that area and ended up moving everything around. In the end, the flow is much better. Plus we now have the ability to move tables out of the way if we get crowded and people want to dance!

We're getting some amazing regulars coming in to the store and we're so grateful. I love Portland - the people are so nice.


  1. The thing about feng-shui is that if you feel good then it is the right feng-shui. Another trick is to invite small children(3-5) to roam around the place and observe their reaction; if the feng-shui is right, they will hop around and smile and enjoy the place. And if they're bored, lack energy, or start crying, then something's not right with the mojo...

    Good luck with the business!

  2. Thanks for the comment!!! I'm glad to know that! Kids that come in make a bee line to the couch and love it! Must be doing something right!!!