Friday, September 17, 2010

New Hours

The past few weeks have been amazing, enlightening and extremely fulfilling. The best part is that we're attracting extremely nice people to hang out in our store. Like unbelievably nice; from DJs that have spun to people dropping by for the first time to regulars. We feel so blessed.

We've also learned a few things along the way. One is that being open during the daytime hours may not be for us. Our intention in creating this business was to be a cafe & bar, but the final outcome turned out more like a bar, both in the way it looks physically and in general perception. So we're going to embrace what we are and start opening later in the day.

We're also going to start staying open later. It's the worst telling people we've closed when they're trying to come hang out!

Therefore, our new hours are:

Monday 4PM - 11PM
Tuesday - Thursday 4PM - Midnight
Friday & Saturday 2PM - 2AM
Sunday 2PM - 11PM

For the most part, we'll typically stay open later if people are hanging out, but we won't ever be closing earlier than the posted time. That was another suggestion from a customer. He said there's nothing worse than walking up to a place that is closed that says they should be open at that time.

We've been doing a lot of listening to customers lately!! Up next, after many talks with one of my favorite regulars, expanding the wine menu!! Can't wait to try new stuff!

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