Friday, March 5, 2010

Furniture Shopping

Yesterday, I had one of the best shopping experiences of my life. We're making most of our furniture either ourselves or from recycled material, but when it comes to the centerpiece of the store, the couch, we don't want to hold anything back.

A few weeks ago I was driving down Foster Rd. and saw the most gorgeous couch in the window of EuroClassic Furniture. I usually don't pay attention to things like that but what jumped out at me while I was driving was the price tag: $695. Now this looked like a $5,000 couch. It had the most gorgeous wood trim going down the sides and across the top.

So a few weeks had passed and I felt the urge to go in and see what the deal was with the couch. As soon as I walked in there were SOLD signs on the first five furniture sets I saw. I was like, every-thing's sold! I don't even know what I'm looking at. The owner immediately walked up and said he'd had a good month. I'll say.

The owner, whose parents had started the business 73 years ago, started personally showing me all of his couches. He was trying to remember which couch he'd put in the window for $695 but was basically telling me I could get almost anything in the store within my budget, he'd just have to check with the boss. But he was the boss :)

He sat me down and we started looking through book after book of the most gorgeous, eclectic furniture I'd ever seen. He was telling me about how he knows the owners of all these restaurants in SE and how they furnish their whole houses with his furniture. I could see how someone would want to buy all of their furniture from him. He's super personable, willing to give you a good deal and most importantly the furniture is GORGEOUS! It made me want to be a customer for life. I can't wait to go back.