Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ah, the City

Everyone I've talked to that has dealt with the City Permit Dept has said it's challenging, at best. Justin and I went there a long time ago when we were trying to change the zoning on a building we wanted on Hawthorne. I just remember filling out little cards of the departments we wanted to talk to and waiting our turn to go talk to them.

Well it turns out when you want to get the permit itself you have to see every single department. It's a multi-day process that Wayne's in the middle of right now. Our building is a class B occupancy which means we could only have 50 people on each side (our side and Wayne's). It's fine for us because we are small but Wayne's business includes a music venue so we need to get a higher occupancy.

This could take a while and we can't get the permits for the plumbing, electric and building until we change the occupancy. We still have a lot to do, though. We can paint and put the floors down and bring in the shelves and DJ booth and put in our seating, we just can't build what's on the permit, which is the bar and the wall to enclose our kitchen. But we can still prep it as much as possible. We want to use the wood pieces we pulled down from Carl's wall on the bar and moldings.

Once we get approved we can do the rest. Luckily for us, all the electrical is already there. It's just a matter of extending some lines. We were also super lucky that we have a floor drain and plumbing on our side already. Carl was using it for his drinking water station. So we'll be adding two sinks and a line to the espresso machine.

I'm so looking forward to it all coming together!

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