Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Calendar

Justin wanted to take a picture of our calendar this month because it's never ever been this full. We've had so much going on and September is beginning to look like it could be the same way.

We've been helping our friend Betty out at the Street of Dreams on the weekends. It's really fun and we like being able to do this together. If we can get paid and still be together, then even better.

I got three new clients in the past week and have set up meetings with two other people for next week. I love being able to help all these people. I have a problem sitting still, so the busier I am the better. This issue has been illuminated this summer as we wait for our location to pan out. We've been trying to find the balance between continuing to focus on our record store while at the same time being patient. Keeping our calendar packed has been a great way to pass the time.

About a week ago we were watching TV and ended up sticking to the Portland Public Access channel. They were having a meeting about Small Businesses and how Portland was trying to be a player in the global economy. There was one lady that owned a green building company and she said a lot of things that rang true to me, like how if you don't need venture capital from the OEN they don't know how to help you. I had a similar experience. So anyways, she just happened to come by the Street of Dreams last weekend and I jumped at the opportunity to introduce myself. But I will give Justin credit; he recognized her first. So now we've been emailing back and forth and I'm meeting with her next week. Seems like she's building a mentorship program that I might want to be a part of.

When you live the life of an entrepreneur you have to jump at opportunities like that. Probably only 25% of the opportunities lead somewhere, but that's a pretty great statistic for me. I'm excited to see where it may lead.

Justin is DJing at the Jade Lounge tonight. We have a bunch of friends coming out and we're looking forward to it.

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