Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super Pumped

Tomorrow is our third Wax Broker Riot Party and we are so pumped for it!! The parties so far have grown exponentially and we can't wait to see what tomorrow night will bring. We're bringing in a few more record dealers to widen the music genres as well as a few more DJs to spin their flavor.

Justin's been working hard to add to our music collection. For those of you who don't quite know his taste, you can check out his blog, Dusty Nuggets. Our resident DJ and partner, Dameian, also just put out a new blog posting here: MONORAIL

Our living room is starting to look like a record store.

We are also so excited and grateful because our friend base has grown so much in the 9 months since we've lived here. Every single person is so special to us. They add to the ever continuing excitement of our lives and we are so happy and excited for the opportunity to add to it.

Last weekend we threw our friend Alli a "Pregnant with Possibilities" party to celebrate her 9 month anniversary of being on Unemployment. She created a "Pin the Motivational Quote on Alli Game" and it made the night. We strive to have this much fun every day.

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