Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Throw Back

It has been almost four years since I left the East Coast and my bartender lifestyle. But this year, thanks largely to my friends on Facebook, images of my former life have come rushing back.

This weekend marks the start of summer, which means that hundreds upon thousands of people will descend upon on a one mile stretch of beach in Delaware known proudly as "the premier party spot for the mid-Atlantic coast."

The small town of Dewey Beach, DE lies dormant for 7 months over the winter only to become the hottest spot around from May to September. I spent every summer that I was in college living and working in this town. After graduating college, my friends and I moved back to the beach and I ended up staying for another year and a half. Some of my friends still haven't left.

My experiences in this town play a large part in my desire to own my own bar. While I was there, I was lucky enough to work and bartend at one of the largest bars in Dewey, the Rusty Rudder.

The Rusty Rudder is a GINORMOUS complex on the bay that has a fine dining restaurant, a club/lounge and an outdoor deck known for the calypso music during the day and the local celebrity cover bands at night. We had 18 bartenders on at a time. Talk about making some good money.

At the time that I worked there, I didn't really know that I wanted to own a bar. I just knew that there had to be something more to life. I went to school for TV production, so in my head, the next logical step was to go to Los Angeles. Looking back, though, all the signs were there that I wanted to be an "owner." Whenever an owner was around I would find myself always trying to be near them and picking their brain.

I am so grateful for my time in Dewey because I learned so much. The owners are truly masters of the bar business; as evidence by the crowds of people that line up to get in to the bars before noon, yes, BEFORE NOON!!!

So this Memorial Day, I say Thank You, Dewey Beach. Here's to another great season.

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