Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sign

So there's this sign. It's sitting on NE Sandy & 38th looking very lonely. Looking like someone should rescue it.

It seems that once upon a time there was a record store there called Yesterday's Records. From what I gather, the store and it's owner, Bob Gallucci, were there for a very long time. In 2006, the lease was up for renewal and the dog grooming place next door apparently offered the owners three times the rent to take it over. That was the end of the record store.

But for some reason, the sign has remained! It's been catching my eye for months. I don't know why they would leave it, unless there is some structural issue. Or maybe they just like it.

I'm thinking about inquiring about it. Thanks to Portlandmaps I know who owns the building. I also did some digging and it seems that the old owner of the record store is coaching football at a local high school. One that just happens to be in our neighborhood.

I think I'm going to mull this over and just see what happens. I love the idea of restoring a piece of Portland history. Maybe the parties involved will think so to.

1 comment:

  1. that would be cool if you inherited that sign! good luck with that:-)