Friday, July 1, 2011

Cocktail Menu!

Starting TODAY!!!
HAPPY HOUR is Monday - Saturday 4PM - 7PM and All Day Sunday

Soul Sister Peach Tea
Peach Vodka, Lemonade and Iced Tea
$6 / $4.50 during HH

Jackson 5 Julep
Jim Beam with Muddled Mint and Simple Syrup on ice
$6 / $4.50 during HH

Motown Mojito
Blackberry Mojito with Rum, Lime & Muddled Mint
$6 / $4.50 during HH

The Dizzy Gillespie
Champagne over ice with lemon and a St. Germaine Float
$6 / $4.50 during HH

The Miles Davis
Top Shelf Margarita made with 1800 and fresh lime juice served Up with a Side Car
$7.50 / $6 during HH

Shot and a Beer
Well Shot and a Pint of Draft Beer
$6 / $5 during HH

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  1. Hey Folks. You need to update your Yelp profile to include that you now have these tasty beverages. :)
    ~A Fan