Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding, Liquor and SO MUCH MORE!

This has been such an intense time for Justin and I! Planning for the Belmont Street Fair is well under way. I'm one of two organizers this year and there's just so much to plan. Anyone that wants to be a vendor this year should go to the BABA website:

We're having a separate "Artist Alley" featuring local artists at reduced priced booths. If you are in the 'hood and want to show off your art, definitely sign up!!

This Friday is our first day with hard alcohol and we've been planning the new cocktail menu, training our employees and generally getting everything ready for the big change. We had a great meeting yesterday with all our employees in which we tweaked our new cocktail menu! We can't wait!

We're naming all of our signature cocktails after the music we sell in our store:

The Jackson 5 Julep, Motown Mojito and Soul Sister Peach Tea just to name a few!

I also can't wait to serve my FAVORITE top shelf margarita. I always made it UP and served in a Martini Glass - and we decided yesterday that the extra will go in a Side Car! So delicious!

We're also less than two weeks away from getting married ourselves. Friday, July 8th, all of our family and friends will get to see the Hall themselves! We're having a party and EVERYONE'S invited!!

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