Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love seeing what our store is becoming! It's so interesting to sit back and watch something you've created evolve.

One thing we've been seeing a lot of lately is people bringing in games. They sit for hours sipping on wine or drinking beer while playing dominos, uno or cards. We even started bringing in our own personal games for people to play. I think it's just a cozy atmosphere for people to sit for a while, listen to the music and enjoy themselves.

And interestingly enough, we've seen a lot of girls in the store! I find this fascinating because records typically are more appealing to guys, but the space we've created is super cozy and appealing to girls. We now have two sections with soft seating (both a couch/lounge area and two super comfy chairs). It's so easy to get sucked in to them, drinking wine, for hours!

I love what we're becoming. I think we're going to expand the appetizer menu to accommodate the wine bar aspect that seems to be growing. We put new string lights around the windows and they look amazing. The whole space looks super inviting.

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