Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Art!

In the spirit of the ever evolving Hall of Records, we've got some new pieces of art on the walls! Unfortunately, the cord to my camera is missing so I can't upload pictures just yet, but hopefully we'll find it soon. Guess you'll just have to come in to see them :)

A few weeks ago I got a call from a girl in NYC who had a photographer friend in Portland. She said he loved Hall of Records and asked that we surprise him for his birthday by hanging some of his prints in the store. It was such a nice gesture on her part that I just couldn't say no.

She had me pick out some prints from his website: http://jackson503.tumblr.com/. The two that spoke to me immediately were the spinning record with the piano reflection in the middle and the zen rocks. Now Mile's artwork is on display in the Hall.

In addition to Miles, our amazing chalkboard artist, Edgar, is creating chalk art for sale on our walls. We are asked about the chalk art constantly, so we asked if Edgar wanted to do some more. So now in addition to our large menu chalkboard he has two pieces on the walls that are also album covers.

They are 12" X 12" chalk art album covers with a glaze sprayed over them. He's going to commission a few more and they are AMAZING. We had a girl in the store the other day that reps artists and owns a gallery and she said that chalk art is one of the hardest things to do. Edgar must be pretty special. He definitely is to us.

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