Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was going to start off this post saying that it's been a slow couple of days but then I realized that a lot of things actually happened. The flooring got dropped off Friday but ultimately we decided we needed to wait to put it in until the bar was built.

Last week the city told Wayne he would need to do seismic upgrades to the building if he wanted to change the occupancy to put a recording studio in the back. So he was all ready to scrap the occupancy change because it'd require like $300,000 worth of upgrades, sprinkler systems and earthquake retrofitting. So he called the guy to say, thanks but no thanks and the guy at the City pretty much told him not to give up yet and that he'd get what he wants if he just sticks it out a little longer. So now we're back at square one, waiting on the occupancy change.

But on a positive note, we have (unofficially) hired our third employee. He is a bartender, restaurant manager, DJ and vinyl fanatic named Edgar. So just like Reid, he's the total package and has all the qualities we're looking for. Plus he's a super cool guy.

It's still TBD whether we're going to hire a fourth or not. We originally were going to have one full time and three part timers, but Alli just informed us that she might want to be full time in which case we won't need to hire another person. But I like the flexibility of having another person for scheduling purposes, so we'll see.

I met with the payroll company and the workmans comp company and got all that squared away this week. I got an email from the POS/merchant services guy and he might have found us a deal on a slightly used POS system, so that could be cool. We also finished painting all the chairs and re-surfacing all the seats. "Re-surface" really means that we sprayed them with a vinyl and fabric spray paint to change the color.

I'm going to the City today to drop off our OLCC paperwork and get the green sign that goes in our window letting the neighborhood know that we have applied for a beer and wine license. We're also going to Home Depot to do a big lumber shop to get everything for the bar. We're on attempt #2 to make the bar top. The first time didn't turn out too well, but hey, now our friend John has some nice wood to use as planter boxes in his garden. All I can say is that the learning curve on this project has been huge but I am so grateful for the experience!


  1. hey guess what? I went to Home Depot, too and might take a class next week!

  2. FYI, Mr Plywood is local and awesome, and the ReStore has a surprising amount of dimensional lumber. NW Sustainable lumber yard on Johnson Creek is local and has stuff with lots of character.

    I am really looking forward to having you open.

  3. Thanks!! We actually got the wood to build the vinyl bins from Mr. Plywood!