Monday, April 19, 2010

Headway & Challenges

We've been making a lot of headway at the store and I'm hoping to have pictures up soon. This week has been a challenge due to outside circumstances. I've been hired by the Matt Dishman Pool (Portland Parks and Rec) to create a diving program to add to their swimming lesson program. Springboard diving is one of my true passions and natural highs and I am ecstatic to teach kids in Portland how to dive. But the last two weekends I've had swim instructor training all weekend long so I feel like I'm being pulled in multiple directions.

On top of this, my Mac's hard drive crashed and I lost about a months worth of work. I have to re-create three business plans for my clients because I hadn't backed up their stuff in a while. Boo. Lesson learned. Quickbooks also decided it wasn't going to add up anything correctly when I re-installed the program. So now even though all of my receipts, credit card statements and QB records match, the totals are still not matching. Talk about making you want to pull your hair out. I think I'll be on the phone with Intuit for a while today.

Despite all this, I still go to work at the store every day. And every day we're getting closer and closer. We'll probably be done with construction and ready for inspection in about two or three weeks. Only problem is that we have to wait for Wayne to be done with construction as well and it's probably going to take him longer. I'm guessing we'll be all ready to go in a few weeks but be waiting on inspections and the health department.

May 15th is Justin's birthday and is also the day we were aiming for being our grand opening. We're thinking that even if we can't officially open or make food then we're still going to have a party at the store for Justin's birthday. We just may have to bring in some catered food or something. We need to work out the details but we'll keep all of you posted!!!

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