Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U of O Music Fair

Thank goodness for the blogosphere!! A few days ago our friend Dan from Jump Jump Music and The Night Owl Record Show blogged about an upcoming music event at the University of Oregon. The campus radio station KWVA is hosting their 3rd Annual Music Fair on November 7th.

They are looking for vendors and low and behold, we're looking for more events to sell! So now we're going down to Eugene on the 7th.

It looks like we're going to expand our offerings, too. We had been thinking that we wanted to sell other things in our store like album frames for your wall and record players. So we're going to make our first foray in to selling other items in Eugene by bringing some vinyl record frames.

They're acrylic frames that are open on the side so you can slide the album in and hold it without damaging it. They get great reviews and even the Smithsonian uses them to display albums. Plus they aren't the kind you can get at Urban Outfitters or Target. So we'll see how they do. Hopefully they will be a big hit :)

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