Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Creation of..... a newsletter

I spent two whole days working on our first newsletter and it turned out great! Now I'm obsessed with the analytics of seeing how many people opened it. We got two people that opted out of our newsletter :( One person we don't even know and have no record of them signing up so we don't even know how they got on there. The other one was a DJ we met at the Belmont Street Fair. Guess we're not cool enough.

But I got amazing feedback from our friends! Mail Chimp did us right!

I tried to give people a reason to want to read it. So I included music that we've been listening to a lot and some cuts from Justin's blog Dusty Nuggets. Eventually we'll add another category of new records we just got in. But this time we just got back from a big sale and hadn't gotten anything new in yet. Plus it's probably more important for once we have a storefront. It's funny, every day, with or without a storefront, we become more and more like a legitimate business. :)

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