Friday, January 9, 2009

Location, location, where for art thou location?

Finding a location has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride. We get a promising lead, get disappointed, get a lead, get disappointed, but always find another lead. One of these days, one will actually stick.

Even though I keep my moral high, the economy has definitely affected the moral of those around me. The store owner (our business counselor's friend) that contacted me decided he's going to wait a little while before renovating his space. It could turn out to be our location, but we'll just have to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile, Wayne is moving on from the Hawthorne building. Today we went and looked at a building for sale on Division. He's not going to buy it, though. It's too big and would be WAY expensive to upgrade. He also mentioned that given how the economy is right now, he may just want to wait and see what happens. There could be some major deals coming in the market in the next couple months.

But that's the thing, we're ready NOW! We keep pushing on, but with no foreseeable start date, I need to start bringing in some income. My old boss is coming to town next week to do the Rose City Classic Dog Show on Animal Planet. I'm going to go work with him for 5 days. So that's something.

I feel like by now I am an expert on Portland's commercial real estate market. I know every single property that is for sale or for lease. The only problem is that none of them fit us. But we keep looking.

Ah, we keep looking.

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  1. You will find something!! Keep your chin up girl and I promise you'll be blessed with something wonderful!