Monday, December 22, 2008

When one door closes...

Well the door with Wayne hasn't completely closed, but the city came back and said that if we applied to get the use changed they probably wouldn't approve it. It's in a residential zone with an office use. We knew that turning it into a retail use would be a long shot, especially since we wanted to turn it into a venue.

I emailed Wayne to let him know but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. He was getting shoulder surgery, out of state, on Tuesday. We've been having a major snow storm ever since last Sunday so I'm not even sure if he made it out of the state.

But I got a call earlier this week from a building owner in SE, super close to our house. He's friends with our business counselor, Bridget. He owns the building and is considering leasing it out to us. Bridget suggested that we would be a good match to lease the new space.

It means a lot that Bridget even suggested us. She must have been impressed with all our progress and business planning :)

The owner said he's meeting with his contractor on January 5th about renovating the space. We're going to meet with him soon after.

I'm not really sure where that leaves us with Wayne, but at this point we have to keep all our options open.

And on a side note, I'm starting to thank my lucky stars that things with the coffeehouse didn't work out. We were supposed to close on December 10th. If that had happened, we would be crapping our pants right now with this snow storm. This storm is severely hurting businesses.


  1. that's awesome you have such a postive outlook on everything. you're a smart, driven young lady and everything is going to work out just perfect for you. it will fall into place and you'll back and know why things happened the way they did!

    i hope you and justing have a merry christmas. miss you lots!

  2. i'm excited for you when your business finally opens, see you Friday!