Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three Years of the Belmont Street Fair!

The Belmont Street Fair was a huge success this year! I am especially proud because I was part of a small crew that actually made it happen! As a Belmont Business Association Rep, I teamed up with Tim from the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and Nancy from The Support Group to put on this years fair! We couldn't have done it without a lot of great volunteers and fellow neighbors and assocation members. It took months to plan but it came out great!!

It is my tradition on this blog to document our progress by the Street Fair:

Year 1: 2009
Justin and I got a booth and sold records! Our store was just a dream but we KNEW we were going to end up on Belmont. We met a lot of really great people that day that have become great friends and customers!

Year 2: 2010
Our store is literally two weeks old! We were GLOWING, we were so happy!

Year 3: 2011
I organized the whole Street Fair!! Justin and his friends opened the fair with a great Jazz set!! Justin's on drums, our good friend Russ is on keys, Christian plays trumpet and Dylan is on guitar. They band is called the Chazz Funk All Stars and they play every other Sunday at the Hall from 3PM to 5PM!

What a great day!!!! I'm so happy to be a part of the neighborhood!

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