Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Roundup!

Our resume collecting on Saturday turned out great! We had about 12 people come by the shop and another handful sent their resumes via email. I'm so happy we only sent out word via our email, blog and facebook page instead of doing a mass listing on Craigslist. I remember our neighbor, Hobnob Grill, doing that about a year ago and they got like 200 people showing up to fill out applications. That would have been way too overwhelming. And by keeping it mostly "internal" almost everyone that showed up were vinyl enthusiasts - which was our number one criteria next to having restaurant/bar experience.

So many of the candidates are exactly what we're looking for! It's going to make deciding very difficult. But luckily, most of them are also DJs and we're looking for those, too. So hopefully if they aren't the next employee then they will still want to be a part of the family and DJ with us.

Sunday, we finished hooking up the PA system and finally had music playing in the Hall! It immediately felt like home. Music is why we created the store in the first place!

We had another night of menu testing, as well. We tried our signature salad of cranberries, walnuts, bleu cheese and balsamic and it was soooo delicious!! We also tried our California King Sandwich on two different types of bread. In the end the french baguette won! It's going to be another signature dish on our menu! So good!!

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