Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So In Love

I am so in love with our store!! I can't even begin to explain the amazing feeling of having something you've dreamed about for years physically manifest itself. It's exactly how I've been drawing it for the past 2.5 years.

Justin and I finished the floors this week. Our friend John had been doing it (and amazingly wanted to continue doing it all by himself) but his knee swelled up and he couldn't finish it before we needed it done. As soon as the floors were done and covered, I started putting the table tops we made on to the stands from Carl's old tables and arranging the tables and chairs. :)

We got a couch and a great mirror for the back bar from City Liquidators. We ended up not getting the gorgeous couch I picked out from EuroClassic Furniture. We figured we want people to feel comfortable eating and drinking on it and that it may have been too fancy.

Our friend Ian lent us a keg cooler he had sitting in his garage. We are incredibly lucky to get to use it!! I also got a sweet deal on an iced tea maker from a lady that closed a cafe in Beaverton. She suggested serving flavored iced teas like pomegranate, raspberry and peach. She said people go crazy for the pomegranate and I think we just might take her up on that suggestion!

So every day we're adding more and more things to the store and it's coming along beautifully!!


  1. this is awesome katie! i'm so happy for you guys! you've done an amazing job!

  2. Hey I've been following you blog and I am excited to see you open up, but you've got some funky feng shui going on there. Try moving the couch towards the back of the bar in the corner to make a cozy section…no one is going to sit on a couch a stare at the back of the people sitting at the bar.

    lovies see you soon

  3. Thank you, but that position is just temporary!