Monday, February 1, 2010

Changing of the Guard

Last night was the last night of business for It's a Beautiful Pizza on SE Belmont. In a few months we will be opening up the Hall of Records and a restaurant/music venue in its place. Carl, the former owner of the building and pizza place, is taking a few weeks off and going to enjoy life in Bali for a bit. He had been thinking about getting out of business for a while and after over a year of working with him, things have finally come to fruition.

Wayne (the new owner of the building) and I spent the morning with Carl as the vendors came to get their equipment. A mother and son came in for pizza, not knowing that he had already had his last night. Carl re-assured them that it was not a sad closing and that many exciting things were on the horizon, both for himself, the building and Belmont Street.

He is happy for us and for himself. I hope that when others see the paper up in the windows they know that he was not closing under dismal or unhappy terms. When one door closes another one opens - only this time it happens to be ours.

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  1. And here I thought no one read MY blog. Thanks for your comment Katie! I'm excited to see you doing so well. You are an inspiration!