Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blast from the past may be key to the future

We've been walking a fine line with how to proceed with our intended location. There are a lot of different scenarios that could take place. We could rent from, partner with or buy out the current owner. We don't really know which form it's going to take because there are a lot of factors and a lot of people involved. But we're lining up all our ducks so that no matter which way it goes, we will be ready. The truth is that no one (besides us) really knows what they want. But we know what we want, and we want it bad.

Anyways, we're not in a position to be able to buy out the current owner by ourselves. We'd need help. And that's where our blast from the past comes in. A long time ago we met with a guy named Wayne. I wrote about him in my very first blog posting. So Wayne wanted to buy a building with enough room for a recording studio, music venue and our coffeehouse. The idea was to team up with him and run the coffeehouse as Hall of Records and have an adjoining live music space and studio. We looked at multiple buildings with him but none were quite right.

So flash forward many, many months. A few days ago I found an ad on Craigslist for a venue space that had a studio built out. It sounded like it might be promising for Wayne, so I forwarded it to him. We hadn't heard from him in months and he was super excited to hear from us. He's still looking for a location for his hybrid business. We ended up meeting him last night at the venue down near the Albina/Mississippi Max Stop in the industrial district. Turned out that the venue wasn't right, but it seems like the stars were aligning because I needed an excuse to let him know about the possibility of buying our intended location. He was super interested, but I couldn't tell him exactly where it is yet.

The next few weeks and months should be very interesting. We're getting to the point where we've been patiently waiting for this location for so long that if something doesn't happen by this winter, we need to let the owner know that we need to move on. Ah, it's such a tricky situation!! But we're positive that it's all going to work out, one way or another. And we're using the time we have now to be ready for whatever comes down the pipe.

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