Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gearing up for the next one

The past two weeks have felt like a recovery period of sorts for Justin and I. We put so much energy into our first party that we needed a break! But now it's three weeks out from our next party and we're gearing back up again. One of Damien's (our resident DJ) friends from Vegas is hooking us up with the flyer and we're looking forward to seeing it. We've been toying with the idea of bringing in another record dealer and adding another dj to extend our reach. The goal is to reach more vinyl enthusiasts and collectors and just to let people know what we're here to do.

We're also riding the economy wave and patiently awaiting our location :) Our old real estate agent, Andre, just bought into the Red Room on 82nd (just below Freemont in NE). We visited him at his new bar last week and it was great to reconnect. We've met some amazing people on this journey and we're happy to see he's still on our team. He recognizes that we are pretty particular about what we want and we heard some great words of encouragement that night... not that we need that much outside encouragement. We do pretty well keeping the positivity ourselves :)

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