Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Dishes!

Justin and I are super stoked because we found the best dishes!! We've always wanted large, colorful cafe mugs to serve both our coffee and soups in. Up until today, we've had a hard time finding exactly what we wanted. But this afternoon, we saw these awesome mugs, plates and bowls on sale at Fred Meyer.

I challenged Justin to make a mental note of the name of the company, Hausenware, and we came home to look them up online. I found out that they are sold at Ross for a fraction of the price. So we made the trip down to the Lloyd Center and wiped them out of house and home! We bought 10 bowls and 25 mugs for $2 each!!

They are the perfect match for Aunt Bettie's Organic Tomato Soup with fresh grated parmesan and tapenade. Can't wait!!

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