Friday, February 26, 2010

Making Tables: Step 1 - Biscuiting

We're making all our tables, counter tops and benches ourselves - or rather, I should say, with the help of a lot of our friends! This week we learned how to make biscuit joints to put the planks of our tables together.

It goes a little slow because it takes 10 hours for the glue to dry. Each table gets clamped together while drying, and we have only so many clamps, so that adds to the time delay.

Reid and Rachel have been helping out almost every day. We've been having tons of fun making the tables and Reid is well on his way to becoming the next member of the Hall of Records family. Lucky for us, he's the total package; cook, barista, server & loves vinyl. And regardless of all that, we just really like them. :)

Our friends Derek and Ayanna also came by to get in on the biscuiting action. We're so lucky to have such great people wanting to help out! Like Derek said, it's truly a community effort.

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